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That's So Annoying!

Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and hot and my kids are with me all the time, but I find myself saying this in my head (and out loud) quite a bit.

One of my kids loves to play games on the iPad and then explain them in excruciating detail for what seems like days. I want to say, “You have to stop! The reason I let you use the iPad is so I can have a minute of silence. Why do I have to pay for it by hearing the ins and outs of this game in so many details I could probably code my own version of it. (Exaggeration. I don’t know anything about coding.)

Another of my kids squeals. It’s a sound that is similar to those only dogs can hear, but unfortunately, just low enough that I can. And the whole neighborhood. And probably the next one down the street. When we’re all together (as we are in the summer), she feels especially invisible which tends to bring on the squeal more often. I keep telling her she’s not invisible and we can all certainly hear her, but something about summer. I’ll call it the summer squeal. I’m praying it ends before fall because I don’t have a cute name for it in the fall.

One of my kids is going through that “independent” stage. The one we all know and hate. It literally takes an extra 10 minutes to do everything because he has to do it himself. He often has to turn around and re-walk down the stairs if I accidentally carry him.

Lastly, my oldest, well she’s pretty great right now. I get an overture of preteen here and there with an eye role or look when I’ve embarrassed her, but otherwise she’s in a good stage. We’re starting middle school in a month so talk to me then.

Why do I say this? Because I’ve written a lot of tips recently and I don’t want you to think for a minute I have all this figured out yet. I love my kids and I love to praise their cuteness and sweet character on social media, but let’s be real, kids (and other people in our lives) can be super annoying. As far as parenting goes, my oldest is 10, so I have ages 11-70 to figure out. I’m pretty sure every age will have their “That’s so Annoying” moments. Even with 70, I’ll be like, “Anna, I get it. Being 70 is tough. It’s tiring and everything hurts. You should try being 100.” My seven-year-old will still be talking about that iPad game.

Are you going through a stage with someone where your like, “That’s so Annoying”? If so, I’d love to hear about it in comments. No names please. You can see I kept mine anonymous. But it doesn’t take too great a detective to know which is which.

Stages are stages and most of them will pass. People in the line at the grocery store will say, “You’re going to miss this one day,” as one of your kids threatens the life of the other. And you’ll smile and nod and think, “Probably not this exact situation, but thanks for the reminder.”


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