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My Academy Awards Diary


Must watch the Academy Awards tonight! Titanic is nominated for like, everything and I know they’ll show Leonardo a bunch of times. Luckily, my parents got me this sweet VCR and blank tapes for my dorm room. I’m so pumped and I'm so taping this.

(Monday morning) Why are award shows always on Sunday nights?


As a theatre person (accent present for proper snootiness), I’m thrilled a movie about Shakespeare is being nominated. And who knows? Maybe that’s the way it really happened. He had to have a muse for all those comedies. And who better than Gwyneth. I’m going to tape it for sure. I don’t have any blank tapes, but I can probably tape over some of my episodes of Inside the Actor’s Studio.


Oooooooh gross! I don’t care how artistic a plastic bag blowing in the wind is, American Beauty is just nasty! He has to be over 40. It’ll probably win.


One of my favorite nights of the year! I wish my roommates got as excited as me, but with nominees like Chocolat, Erin Brockovich, That Chinese one about the tiger and dragon and Gladiator, who wouldn’t tune in? Also Traffic. I didn’t see that one, but I’m sure it’s amazing! I love the Academy Awards.

(Monday morning) Why are award shows always on Sunday nights?


Ok. Just being honest here. I only saw one of the nominated movies this year. Teaching is exhausting. Beautiful Mind. That’s all I’ve seen. But it was good.


(Monday morning) I’m on my way to work and I just heard that the Academy Awards were last night. How’d I miss that?


I’m so excited to go to an oscar party tonight. We’re bringing food that’s themed around a nominated movie. I bought a set of letter cookie cutters and I’m making biscuits in the shape of a C. Get it? Seabiscuit? I love being married. You get invited to grown-up things once you're married. Hopefully no one will know I only saw one of the movies. But Seabiscuit was awesome. And with our new TiVo, I recorded the awards so if I’m having fun talking to people, I can re-watch it later.


I need to get out more. I've seriously never heard of any of these movies. Who are all these people going to sad, contemplative (usually black and white) movies? The clothes are pretty though.


I’M SO PREGNANT! Might as well watch the awards since I can’t sleep anyway. I only saw Juno which may be a little too close to home for me at this moment. Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.


Maybe I’m just too sensitive, but all these movies are sad. Isn’t life kind of already sad enough? Do we really need to pile it on at the movies? At least now that I joined the Facebook, I get to hear everyone else’s opinion on the movies. It’s like going to a party without actually going to a party. I miss parties.

(Monday morning) Why are award shows always on Sunday nights?


(Monday morning) Did I miss the awards again? Having a newborn is exhausting. Unless it was a Disney movie, I probably didn’t see it. Yep. Just googled the best picture nominees. No cartoons, so I obviously didn’t see them.


I’M SO PREGNANT! Might as well watch the awards since I can’t sleep anyway. Did anyone see any of these movies? Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.

(Monday morning) Why are award shows always on Sunday nights?


Hoping to stay awake for a while. No way I’ll make it to best picture. Unless Grady wakes up to eat. Awe! How cute to see Kate and Leonardo onstage together again. I remember how obsessed I was with Titanic. I hear Grady crying…


Hey! I’ve actually seen a bunch of these movies! I loved Fences and Hidden Figures, but it’ll probably be Moonlight or La La Land...or Moonlight. I wonder if they even know.


I DVR’d the awards. Maybe I’ll watch them later. (Weeks later, DVR deletes awards to make more room. I never noticed.)


Random thoughts as I watch the awards:

  • I actually don't miss a host.

  • Regina King glorifies God in the most honest way and it's beautiful.

  • Fast-forwarding on my cable DVR is clunky. I wish I still had TiVo.

  • I've missed you Dana Carvey.

  • I don't usually comment on outfits, but Sarah Paulson looks like she's wearing a tree skirt around her neck.

  • Every single one of these short films look like they'd give me a panic attack.

  • Yes! Titanic theme music!

  • Olivia Coleman, you are adorable and my new Favourite.

  • Can't wait to see Green Book and all the others I missed this year.

(Monday morning) Why are award shows always on Sunday nights?

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