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What I Learned about God from a Random Dude with Road Rage

There's something about Monday. Maybe I’m hyper alert because I’m looking for something to write about in my blog, but I tend to see God in the most mundane places on Mondays. Last Monday, I was turning left at a major intersection in town. There were two cars turning right in the other lane. The light was red with a steady stream of traffic speeding by. The man in second car back, felt like the lady in front of him should turn right. He was yelling out his window things like, “Lady! Go! Go! Go! Go!” all the while gesturing wildly as if he could just push her car into a turn. It was kind of hilarious to watch. She ignored him and waited for the light to turn green. At first, it seemed like she was waiting for safety reasons. Later, she was holding out to spite him. With all my heart, I was rooting for this hero who chose to stand her ground and make the crazy man wait. And because it was Monday, it made me think of God.

First, if this man had a working horn he would have definitely been laying on it the entire time. I chuckled imagining God saying, “Nope, no horn for you man. You can’t be responsible for one.” That made me think of other things God doesn’t allow us to have because we couldn’t be responsible with them. Things we would think of as blessings, but he knows would end up being a god instead. Maybe he’s like a loving parent at the dinner table saying, “I’ll give you more when you eat what’s on your plate.” Maybe he’s waiting to give us the desires of our heart until those desires line up better with his. Or maybe he’s simply saying, “I’d give you a working horn, but I know you’ll be an idiot with it, so no.”

Second, it wasn’t the man’s decision to make. The lady wasn’t sitting at a green light texting or something. The light was red and she had the freedom to turn if she chose, but it was still her decision. Where was this man going that he felt the need to accost someone for not putting her life in danger to shave precious seconds off his travel time? While I was giggling at his ridiculousness, I saw myself in him. How many times have I been that way with God?

“I got my degree, God, now where’s my dream job?”

“God, now’s the time for our house to sell.”

“I wrote the book, God. Why isn’t it published yet?”

I’ve basically looked at the Almighty and said, “God! Go! Go! Go! Go!” But that lady had a different perspective than the guy behind her. She had a better view of oncoming traffic than he did. She knew who was in her car and calculated the decision differently. It was her risk to take, and she felt it wasn’t time. Then, she wanted to make him wait a little. God does that.

He has all the information and the perfect timing. While I was waiting for my dream job, I worked a job in retail. I learned so much from that experience. Not just which thread count is preferable for a sheet set, but also how to look people in the eye and greet them with kindness. When our house was on the market for two years and we fell in love with home after home only to not be in a position to buy, God was saving our forever home for us. One that would allow us to host a Grace Group and comfortably house our four children (two of which we didn't have before the move). I don’t know His plan for my book, but I know I’m learning a great deal in the waiting. I’m meeting amazing people, working on my craft, writing this blog, and learning to rely on Him in all of it.

So, thank you random dude with road rage. I appreciate what you helped God teach me this week. Hopefully, you’ll learn to control your temper and someday God will give you a horn for you to use for actual emergencies (or to let someone know you’re outside in their driveway to pick them up). Until then, use this time to grow. I know I plan to.

And if you're concerned about driving near me because you're afraid to become an illustration in my blog, well, that makes perfect sense. If you behave like this guy, I might write about you. At least you've been warned.



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