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100th Post Wrap-up

I was at a writers conference when it was suggested I start a blog. If I'm honest, I felt like a stubborn student being given an unwanted assignment. All I wanted was to show up with my manuscript (that had never really been edited) and get a book contract. That's just not how it works. This sweet woman sitting across from me at the table said, "You need a platform." And after 100 posts, I can honestly say I'm glad I got that homework assignment. You see, I've learned so much from the process of maintaining this silly little blog. I've learned that God will show up with some amazing truths in the weirdest places like through a dude with road rage or a wing wall. I've learned that certain kinds of posts appeal to certain kinds of people. Lastly, I've learned there's value in doing something consistently week after week.

Here are some fun stats. My most liked post in the last year was Happy Accidents. And my least popular one was That's so Annoying. Seems people like fun accidents and have enough annoying stuff in their lives they don't need to read about it. You should click on the link so "That's so Annoying" has at least one reader. That would really help my confidence.

Other interesting facts. Most people read my blog on Sunday mornings even though it comes out on Monday. I tried posting on Sunday once so it was fresh, and it didn't work at all.

My readers used to consist of just my friends and acquaintances, and now the majority are people I've never met. That feels cool. In fact, once a complete stranger complained about her daughter in a comment and the next comment was from her (very annoyed) daughter. Talk about uncomfortable.

What I love about having a blog is it's helped me make connections with friends I haven't talked to in years. I love seeing who a certain post appeals to, and I love keeping my eye out for things that will ultimately end up being a blog post. This little "homework assignment" has proven to be a huge blessing.

I'm still writing other things. I'm working on finishing my second manuscript and have the third book outlined. I can't wait to get started on it. If you want to help me in the process of publishing, use this blog. Subscribe and/or share it. That helps me a lot with my platform.

People often say things like, "I like book the recommendations," or "I like the ones that are geared toward moms." If you like certain kinds of posts, I've linked them below by type. If you get a chance, I hope you'll click on a few. Maybe the one you missed is the one you need to hear.

How to treat friends:

Here's Your Help

Want to Change the World? Be an Encourager

Are You Making Time for Friends?

Earning the Right to be Heard

10 Things Good Friends Do

Waiting in the Wings

Self Care:

An Hour Away so You Don't Commit a Felony

You're Doing a Great Job

Whatever is Lovely

Learning about God in weird places:

What I Learned in the Mountains About Obeying God

Be A Terry

Love Doesn't Allow Hate to Win

What Do I know of Holy?

Sand and Stones The Danger of Living Unplugged

A Random Dude with Road Rage

Wing Wall!

What I Learned about God from Watching The Lion King

Great and Good

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Jesus and Chocolate



Scared to Move

Where is God When it Hurts

I Hate the Term Control Freak

Jealousy Tastes Like Bitter Coffee

Here's the Thing about Rejection

Thorns and Mangled Fingers

It's Called Transition Because it's Temporary

Craving Peace


Seasonal Book Corner

Create a Command Center

Best Gift Ever

Being a Mom:

Using Working Mom Skills in a Stay at Home Mom Role

5 Simple Tips For Leaving on Time

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A Great Day is Only 20 Minutes Away

20 Tips to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Reading

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Summer Learning

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How to Pray for Your Kids as they Return to School

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I Will Be Found

Look What I Made!

Just Shot Arm

Psalms for Moms:

God is Matchless

God Knows Me

God is My Keeper

Family stuff:

Family Photos

Why We Chose to Do Disney in Shifts

That's So Annoying!

How to Treat Volunteer Coaches

Written by Ryan:

Where There is Pain, There is Power


Chasing Greatness


Growing Not Fading in the Summer

Family Advent Devotionals

Prepare Him Room

Identity Change

I Love Christmas Eve

My Academy Awards Diary

Mad For March Madness

We Just Won the Championship (Easter)

How's Summer Going So Far?

Happy 4th of July!

Happy First Day of Fall

Halloween Parties

No Buckles

Books to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Carols Series:

Good King Wenceslas

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

Aude Lang Syne

Happy Valentine's Day

Writers Read:

What's Persecution (Acts)

Mr. Rochester

Dreamland Burning

Say Thank You (I Am Malala)

How To Find Love in a Bookshop

Joseph's Jacob's Favorite Son (Genesis)

The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers

Dare to Hope

But the Resurrection (1 Corinthians)

Where the Crawdads Sing

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

Unruffled; Thriving in Chaos

Generally about Books:

What's Your Book Story?

2018: A Good Year for Books

Summertime and the Reading was Easy (and Suspenseful)

Looking at Life Through Poetry

About My Writing

Let me Tell You a Story

Happy Accidents

Coming to you From the Mountains

My Favorite things

Dates With One of My Kids

Hot Drinks in a Mug

Little Getaways

My goal for this blog has always been to give my readers a little encouragement. I hope it's working. These 100 posts have been a great journey for me and, God willing, I hope to go at least 100 more.

Thank you to my faithful readers. You know who you are and I couldn't be more thankful for you.



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