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How's Your Report Card?

I’ve been able to generate content for this blog almost every week for two and a half years, but the last two Mondays have come and gone without my posting anything. I was frustrated because every time I sat down to write, nothing was working. I tend to plan my topics a month or two in advance and even those I planned weren’t turning into blog posts. I kept coming back to this thing I wrote about last year around this time. I was a post called, “It’s called transition because it’s temporary.” In it, I talked about how to combat those nerves that often accompany transition like the beginning of the school year. I boldly touted a method that calls for prayer, a system to make things run smoothly, and celebrating the good. But, a year later, I needed to be reminded of this method.

It’s amazing how much can change in a year. This school year is like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Facebook looks like a Pinterest board for home workspaces. People are matching masks to their outfits and every one I know is kind of winging it. And yet, it’s still transition. We don’t know how long all this will last, but it’s a transition. It’s a time that calls for lots of prayer, systems to make things easier, and a time to celebrate small victories.

So, how am I doing with those things?

That’s tough to admit. In fact, if you look at my report card, it’s clear I’m suffering from a lack of faith. I’m not taking things to God because (look where my A is) I have a system. I can do this. I can handle this on my own.

I enjoy Marvel movies. I love watching a super learn about his or her powers. Spiderman is especially endearing because he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in his powers at the beginning and he always lacks confidence in his regular life as a teenage boy. However, as he grows, he becomes more and more confident in his powers. As a viewer, I’m still thinking about some of the mistakes he made in the beginning when he’s grown into himself as a super. He knows what he can do and he’s not afraid anymore. So, why am I covering my eyes with my hands and tensing my shoulders worrying if he’ll overreach or misjudge the distance on a jump?

Not having faith in Spiderman is one thing, but I do that with God too. I treat him like the new superhero who can’t even ask a pretty girl to a dance. But He’s not some pimply teenager, He’s God. He knows his powers and He has confidence in what he can do.

But, in transition, I forget all that. I ignore the fact that I need God and rely on my systems. It’s like I’m saying, I know you’re spiderman, but I’m also afraid you’re going to run into that building.

For the past month or so, I’ve been living in this place of trying to control everything instead of turning to the one who actually has control. Instead of making time to pray and read my Bible, I’m distracted by my to do list. The thing about to do lists is more stuff is always being added to them. But, when I take time to connect with God, He does things like lets me know which things on the list I can skip. He helps me prioritize so I’m not aways feeling like I’ll never catch up. He give me peace. And He helps me see the most important thing. He allows me to see what deserves to be celebrated. A few minutes of quiet with the Lord tends to give me back time instead of wasting it. So, why do I forget that every time I’m going through a transition?

I have a tendency to pack too much stuff for road trips. Audiobooks, snacks, sudoku books, blankets. Even short ones require a bag of necessities. Someone taking the trip with me might say, “It’s just a short trip, why do you need all that stuff?” My answer would be, “Just because it’s a short trip doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.” I feel that way about transition. It is temporary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. A little time with God helps calm my nerves so I can navigate those waters a little better and see the good in my situation.

So, how are you doing? What would your report card look like? I hope you’re getting an A in prayer because it makes the other two subjects so much easier.



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