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How Does Easter Monday Look?

We all know what Easter Sunday looks like. Families dressed up for church in pretty clothes, songs to Jesus, beautiful images of a cross, lots of bold statements about an empty tomb and a risen Savior. But, if you are a Christian, Easter Monday is a much better indication of your heart.

It’s easy to be bold for Jesus on Easter. Culture expects it. But what about the next day?

Sometimes when I’m watching a big sporting event like the Super Bowl, I can’t help but think of a friend who is a mega-fan of the winning team. And when the team scores the winning touchdown, I think, “So and So is going to be loud and proud tomorrow.”

On Easter, we claim that our God who came to Earth to save us from our sins, was crucified by Roman soldiers and dead for three days. But when the women went to his tomb to weep, he wasn’t there. He was on a seven mile walk to Emmaus with his friends who didn’t even know it was him most of the way. That’s the claim. We believe that happened and we are free because of it. So, the question is, how do we act when we get to work or school on Monday?

Are we like my friend whose team won the Super Bowl? Or are we tired from all the activities and we did and the food we consumed over the holiday? If what we claim is true, our non-Christian friends should be saying, “So and So (you) will be loud and proud tomorrow.” They should almost have to prepare to see you because they know you’re going to be so excited. And not because your team won. Because your God won the biggest victory of all time and you and I get to share in that victory every single day for all of eternity.

If we believe that to be true, Easter Monday should look different. We should have a little more wind in our sails, a lot more passion to see the lost, or at the very least a good attitude. If I were a non-christian, it’s Monday that tells me if your life has really changed. It’s not what you post on Social Media on Easter, but it’s how you love, and your patience, and your joy on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Because we just won the Championship. We won it all and we didn’t have to do a thing to earn it.

Our God came to earth to love us, teach us about His Father, die an unimaginable death, and rose again. All for us. The excitement of that news isn’t just for Easter. It’s for today too. And for tomorrow and forever. So, how does your Easter Monday look?




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