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I'm Back! Oh, How I've Missed You.

Hello readers! If you’re wondering where I’ve been these past few months, I promise I’ve been writing. Instead of blogging, my writing has been in the form of lesson plans, notes to myself, and emails because I’ve been back in the classroom for a stint. I got a call in August that a local school needed to fill a theatre vacancy quickly and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It’s been lots of fun to be back in the teaching game but putting my writing aside made me feel…not like myself. So, I’m thrilled to be writing again.

I’ve learned so much from my students so far this school year and I’m sure I’ll be using that material in future blog posts. In a way, teaching feels like coming home too. There have been times when a lesson has opened up a great discussion and things feel almost magical in my classroom and I know God has me here in this place for a purpose.

All that said, I’m also super excited about something I have planned for the late winter/early spring. Last week, my son participated in a challenge put on by our church. He got a certain number of points for completing a list of tasks. Some silly (take a picture with a statue) and some helpful (bring someone to small group or take part in a Bible study at your school). It got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a similar challenge for families based on some of the things in my book, I Made the Earth. Things like taking a hike, or looking at the moon, or trying a new fruit of vegetable. What if families took part in this challenge? They would celebrate the beauty of the Earth God created. They would make memories. They may even win a prize.

So, I’ll be rolling out the challenge next week. For now, it’s good to talk to you again. I missed you dear reader and I missed writing. I hope you and your family will join me in the Earth Day Family Challenge. You’ll be glad you did.




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