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Must Have Easter Books for Kids

If you’re like me, you haven’t shopped for Easter baskets yet. I sure hope I’m not the only one. Books are always a fun thing to throw in and I have some great recommendations for you. I was talking to a friend about my book and she said, “It’s so cool. I’ve never known an author before.” That got me thinking because I know a lot of authors. That’s when it occurred to me, I bet I could write an entire blog of Easter book recommendations just featuring authors I consider personal friends. Challenge accepted! Also, these are great books. I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't think so. Simply click on the title or cover image to buy them.

What I love about this book (and there’s so much to love) is that it helps kids understand that the Bible is one big story -starting with Adam and Eve and leading up to Jesus rising again. It whispers to the reader that though the people in the story didn’t understand what was coming, we do. We know Easter was coming to make that relationship between God and people (like us) whole again. Also, the illustrations are gorgeous. As you can see from the cover.

Poor Howie can’t hee-haw like the other donkeys, but that won’t stop God from using him for His purpose. I love the message of this for kids and although it’s about Palm Sunday (that’s the only spoiler I’ll give) it’s still a perfect book for an Easter basket. You'll fall in love with Howie and his story will soon be an Easter tradition in your home.

This book is a part of Michelle Medlock Adams’ “What Is” holiday series which includes “What is America?”, “What is Halloween?”, “What is Thanksgiving?”, and “What is Christmas?”

“What Is Easter” explores the holiday by starting with what it’s not. It’s not just about eating jelly beans and chocolate or hiding eggs and seeing baby chicks. It’s about Jesus. This sweet book will wiggle its way into your heart and (like Howie) you’ll make it a part of your Easter tradition. I like to look for it in stores around Easter because it’s often stocked at Meijer and Walmart. I once saw it at my sister’s house and said, “You know I know her right?” At the time, she didn’t. Her neighbor had gotten the book for her kids. What a fun coincidence!

This sweet board book introduces young kids to the story of Easter by telling them about them about things like the disciples, the donkey, and Jesus himself. The illustrations are delightful and perfect for helping little ones connect with Jesus who loves them very much.

I love this book! It uses that technique where it the story builds on each page. So a new element is added but the rest is repeated. When we read these kinds of books, my kids always see if they can remember it all. And unlike a silly book like the old lady who swallows things, this is about Jesus. The illustrations are stunning. That Grand Easter Day! is a must have for sure.

This board book is perfect for toddlers because it’s sing-songy and poetic. The illustrations are colorful and sweet and the message is all about celebrating Jesus. If you have toddlers, you can't have too many board books (in my opinion).

I knew I had to get this book because we absolutely LOVE the Christmas version (The Silent/Noisy Night). This will be a favorite for your kids especially those who love animals. They will want to chirp with the birdies and howl with the wolves to celebrate the empty tomb. Such a fun book!

I think it’s hard to tell the Easter story to kids. It’s violent and confusing (even for adults). Christmas with it’s baby in a manger is so much easier to explain. That’s why I love An Easter Bunny’s Tale. It’s told through the eyes of a little bunny, so kids can experience the Easter story in a way that’s not scary. You don’t want to miss this sweet Easter book.

I know we’re running out of time to get these in the baskets, but if you order them now, you should have them in time for Easter. Then, when you pack up the baskets, you can put the books away too. Then, next spring when you bring them out it’s like brand new books! Depending on how old your kids are, they may not even remember them. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. These books do a great job of pointing out the true meaning of Easter. It’s all about Jesus and an empty tomb!




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