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Show Up for Trick or Treat

It's not often we get the opportunity to really connect with the neighborhood. So why do so many people choose to keep their light off and the door closed?

I'm not talking about the small handful who are stuck at work or truly have more important things to do. But those for one reason or another who choose not to engage.

I live in a suburban subdivision with lots of kids. Families are busy running people to this thing and that and it makes for a lot of homes but not a lot of interaction. We have a dog that needs regular exercise, so I've gotten to know the dog walkers pretty well, but there are so many people that keep to themselves. And that's what I love about trick or treat. I get to connect with my neighborhood.

I don't particularly like Halloween. It's my Birthday month, so it always had that sparkle, and as a kid, who doesn't love candy? But, as a parent, it's stressful. I have to have a costume for all my kids by the middle of the month for early costume events. Then, I have to keep all the costume pieces in tact until trick or treat. My kids will say I'm a little grouchy around Halloween. (The Halloween Scrooge) And don't get me started on pumpkin carving. There's a lot not to like, and I hate all the really creepy and dark things about Halloween, but I love trick or treat night.

Why? Because I get to see the neighbor's new baby dressed as a banana and tell them how beautiful she is. I get to talk to the elementary kids who are starting to travel in packs instead of with mom and dad. I get to tell the awkward pre-teen girls they look amazing. (That's what I say not matter what) And I get to know the people live a stone's throw from my house.

It's the perfect opportunity to be salt and light. Isn't that the goal? Not to be of the world but in the world? We can't do that if we turn off the light and close the door.

So, get out there and get the last of the candy that's still on the shelves. (I'm sure someone has some whoppers you can buy. Who likes those?) Replace that porch bulb if it's burned out. Maybe put on a funny hat and get out there and pass out candy and smiles and compliments. Use this night to make connections.

Happy Halloween!


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