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Take a Hike

I don’t know about you, but a little sunshine changes everything for me. My mood is lightened. I feel energized. Everything improves. January was a pretty gray month in Ohio this year -even more than usual. So when the sun peeked out last week for the first time in a while, we had to get outside.

It reminds me of my favorite spread in my book, I Made the Earth. Take a look at these beautiful illustrations by Richard Watson.

I remember when I was writing illustration notes for this spread, I wanted our perspective to be above the trees. (I’m not an artist, but I am a theatre director so I have a vision for perspective.) When I first saw these pages, I couldn’t believe how well Richard captured what was in my head and elevated it to a level I never though possible. Also, how cute are her braids?

As spring and Earth Day approaches, I want to challenge you and your family to do some things that will remind you of how amazing our God is. Each challenge on this printable list will earn you points. Any family who participates and gets 5,000 points or more will get a prize and be put in a drawing for a grand prize that I’ll announce later. (Stay tuned.)

Click below to download a printable version of the challenge.

Earth Day Family Challenge
Download PDF • 4.34MB

We took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to take a hike (worth 100 on the challenge). Originally, we were planning to go to one of our favorite parks, but we changed our minds and opted for a pet friendly trail a little farther away. Finn was thrilled to take an adventure that wasn’t in our neighborhood. We packed a picnic lunch -well actually, we picked up subs on the way. But they were delicious. Then we hit the trail. Just being outside gave us more energy. Our conversations were richer. Our hearts were happier. Our dog was muddier, but that’s to be expected.

I know God made all the beauty of winter -the snow and the ice. But boy did I appreciate the beauty of the sun and green grass yesterday. As a co-worker reminded me last week, God paints with the most beautiful colors. I was happy to see some of those colors and spend time with my favorite people in the process. I hope you’ll have a chance to get outside for a picnic lunch, a hike, or to ride a mountain bike. You may need to add air to your tires.

Check out all the colors God used to paint this beautiful Earth and respond by worshipping Him -the one who made it all.




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