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Time With God

Bible time, quiet time, time with God. Whatever you call it, I believe it’s the lifeblood of the Christian walk. My mood, my patience, the way I view God -all of it depends on this one activity. When I’m short tempered or just off, nine time out of ten I didn’t have time with God that day. I don’t study the Bible so God will love me more. That’s not how it works, but I love Him more when I’m in his presence.

Carve out time

We often use the term “carve out time” when we talk about Bible study. I like that visual. Unlike simply moving things around to make it happen, we’re carving. Think of a statue that’s been carved, the portion that’s taken away can’t be put back. I find comfort in that. So, do you carve out time for God?

There’s a misconception that it has to happen in the morning. I prefer to do it first thing, but others are more alert in the evening or on lunch break. Everyone is different, but I find that having a regular time does help make it more regular.

Why do it?

If you’re a new believer, or a seeker, spending time reading your Bible and in prayer is how you build a relationship with God. It’s meditation and space in your day to put other things aside and focus. It’s like coffee with a friend to get to know them better.

Speaking of coffee…

I always have a warm drink and light a candle. This does two things:

  1. Reminds me that this time is set apart. I read a lot throughout the day, but for me Bible reading isn’t the same as pulling outlay Kindle while I wait for my kids to come out of dance. (unless that’s your time and if so, no judgement.)

  2. It signals to my family that I’m doing something important and I don’t want interruptions. Do they still sometimes interrupt? Of course, but not as much as usual. Also, I try to do my Bible time early so they’re not up yet.

No Excuses

If you’re been a Christian for a week or 50 years, take the time to do this. It’s so important. You’ll never arrive at a place where you know too much and don’t need His teaching anymore. Stop making excuses and make time. Who knows what God will teach you when you prioritize hearing His voice.

A Challenge

If you’re not sure any of this is for you, can I ask you a favor? Will you commit to a week of reading the Bible? Start in one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) so you can see what Jesus was doing in his time on earth. I promise you’ll be surprised by the truth in there. As Christians, we do a terrible job of relaying the message of the Bible to others. We tend to harp on all the wrong stuff. But Jesus loves you and He has a message and a plan for you.



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